Owner Operators or Lease

This options if for drivers that have their own trucks, Owner Operators

  • $99.00 per week for plates, permits, and insurance (Fixed Costs).
  • You get 80% of the load’s revenue.


  • Lease for a trailer to get 85% of the revenue and then the trailer is yours.
  • Take home time when you want and when you can afford to.


This option is for drivers who want to lease a truck. 

All of our leases have the option to own at 650,000 miles

Our Leases:

  • 80% gross revenue.
  • First 4 week guarantee of $1,100.00, or 80% gross revenue, which ever pay is higher.
  • No money down or any final payment due.
  • Hometime as you choose and can afford.
  • Detention, and layover pay.
  • Pets are welcome



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