Frequently Asked Questions

With DTT Transport you are earning at least one day of home time credit for every 7 days worked.  This program will allow you to enjoy the good things in life and take that long-awaited home time or vacation.

They sure can! You are welcome to bring a pet or passenger along with you on your routes, so feel free to share the wonder of the open road with anyone you care to bring along.  For safety we only allow up to three persons or pets combination total.

DTT Transport leaves that decision up to our drivers.   If you do not feel safe driving in current conditions, we will not force you to.  All we ask is our drivers stay in communication so we can make arrangements for the freight scheduling.

YES,  We require our drivers to have a Tanker endorsement at the time of  orientation.  We can haul fluids over 119 gallons.  Which requires a tanker endorsement.

Yes, we do require chaining up when it is required by the state you are traveling in.